Charter Requirements

A “Bareboat” charter is where you take full responsibility for all aspects of the boat and the journey:  navigation, cruising, mooring, cooking, cleaning etc.  It is similar to renting an apartment, except you can take it wherever you want (within the limits of your contract and navigable waters). 


Put simply: you hire the boat for a set number of days at a set price per day.  The extras are fuel, any hired items you arrange, insurance bond (refundable when the boat and hired items are returned undamaged), and your linen and catering requirements.


Bareboat charters offer tremendous freedom, independence and accomplishment.  And, you don’t have to worry if you don’t “get along” with your skipper.  They also require responsibility to go along with that freedom – one of the members must be an experienced sailor or motor boat captain. 


There are some conditions, but they are pretty reasonable, so contact us for more information.


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